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is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to find New York State snowmobile information sites on the Internet.

Each member displays the web ring logo and navigation links on their site. Anytime you are viewing a member site, just locate the logo and click on the navigation buttons or hypertext to travel to other sites in the ring.

How does the web ring work?

When you join the web ring your site will be assigned an ID number, which will identify your site in the ring. You will receive an email containing the HTML fragment specific to your site. You will then need to install the HTML fragment anywhere on your site index page.

The HTML fragment will produce this look on your page.








Only one rule, your site topic has to be about New York Snowmobiling including clubs, resorts, taverns, Restaurants, equipment manufacturers, dealers, event promoters, event vendors, publications, performance shops or simply anything to do with New York Snowmobiling.

There is one step to become a Member

Click "JOIN" Complete and submit the site information form.
Once the navigation HTML fragment and logo are installed on your index page, your site will be added to the .

Simple and Painless.

If you have questions specifically related to , feel free to contact the .

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